#IAMWOMAN is a series of portraits of women.  The work was created during a residency at Women of The World Festival, Melbourne where I continued my research and investigation of the 'Female Gaze’ and how this view can be used in public space, to counteract, challenge or break down social stereotypes and assumptions, primarily with regard to gender. The mode of ‘looking’ or the method of enquiry is portraiture. Why? “Because looking is powerful. To look is to assert power, to control, to challenge authority…” (D'Alleva, 2012, p.104). 

During the sessions I asked women to join me in the creation of a portrait and for them to create a word they wish to self identify with (word is within the image caption).

Each participant received  an archival print from the session as a gift for time and engagement.  

The work is continuing.  If you would like to take part in the project please email me jody[at]jodyhainesphotography.com

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