Weekend Studio Fun

So for good times on the weekend, I love to test out new lights and modifiers! Yep, pretty geeky I know.  

This one is Bailey MacScruffy posing with his favourite human and slipping in an unexpected kiss.  I think this is what you’d call puppy love! XX    


When I look all around me, I’m surrounded by amazing women – strong, intelligent and kind women. Often they’re loud with laughter, others are quiet and observe, considering every detail. All of them are reflective in their outlook and fierce in their ambitions, no matter what they have strived to do. These women have been the inspiration for a new project I have begun. The title hasn’t come to me yet, but the idea is there. I will take a portrait of 100 women and add a story to the frame. Some images will be women I know and other I meet along the process of putting together this work. #IAmWoman. Images that celebrate the eternal beauty of women without the objectification! If you would like to be part of this project drop me an email at jody@jodyhainesphotography.com and tell me a little about your story and what makes you strong and unique. Throughout the year I’ll be adding images here of the women who are participating. So, number one on the list of 100 is Shannon. You can read about Shannon under her image.

Title: Shannon 

Artist Statement: Too often the people I love and admire the most – the ones with extraordinary capabilities, talent and inner strength – are the same people who carry the weight of self-doubt and uncertainty. They are the thinkers, the considered and the quiet amongst us. Yet they’re required to navigate a world that lauds the extroverted as the definitive personality type, creating a subtext that being their true selves is not good enough to succeed. Shannon is one of the thinkers, the considered and the quiet. She is extraordinary and a future pioneer.

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