Exhibition and Public Artwork Documentation 

Being an artist myself, I know how important it is to get good documentation of your exhibition. Shows are fleeting, up one day and seemingly gone the next. We need good images for our websites, catalogues, funding applications, and acquittals; the list is endless. And usually, by the time you've got your work up, you're too tired to do it yourself, or maybe documentation isn't really your strength. 

I love this part of my job: spending time with art, looking at the objects from various directions, seeing how the light interplays with the surfaces, and studying what the audience does in and around the work's presence. 

Documentation is $330 per exhibition or public artwork. Add-ons, like Fly-through footage (indoor exhibitions only) and an artist talking head video, are also available. Hit the enquire form to the right to ask any additional questions. Examples below. 

Exhibition fly through video documentation 


Short video interview 


Short video interview 

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